How to enhance your songwriting by studying good story writing

Recently I’ve watched the Hans Zimmer Masterclass on As a composer and someone who has been following Zimmer’s work for a long time I was very interested to hear what he had to say. One of the biggest take aways I got was the idea that “story is king”. Following the story of the […]

A great exercise to develop your ears

There are so many things to learn and to practice when making music: Learning your instrument(s), learning to read sheet music, developing a good sense for rhythm, understanding theory and harmony, developing your voice, practising scales etc. etc… One aspect that often gets overlooked though are your ears. I’m definitely guilty of this and so […]

Why you’re not making progress while practising and my most embarrassing moment playing live.

Another day, another practise session. You sit down and do your Hanon’s and Czerny’s, do your scales or the spider up and down, you strum those chords and do everything you’ve been doing for the last few months/years, but it just doesn’t feel like you’re getting better as much as you used to.   Maybe […]

7 ways a better audio interface can improve your workflow

After making the switch from the small & cheap UR22 interface to the bigger & better Scarlett 18i20 I´ve noticed an immense improvement of my workflow, which I´m going to share with you today. So here are 7 ways a better audio interface can improve YOUR workflow.   1. Leaving everything plugged in Since you have more […]