About The Brand

Max Christensen Audio

Max Christensen Audio is my personal brand, blog, web store and artist portfolio.

Founded in 2017 the site started out only being about my music portfolio. As my creative journey led me down into trying many different things, I discovered an interest for finding and creating unusual and interesting sounds, sampling instruments and also making products with these recordings for other musicians to use.

It then seemed like the next logical step to change the site into a online store providing useful and inspiring tools and sounds to musicians.

The aim for this store is to create unique and useful sounds, shaped and ready for you to use.
I enjoy giving into my curiosity and going onto sound discovery journeys.
For that, I will go to great lengths to try to find and capture musical tones from all kinds of places and sources.
I hope that this store will become a place for you to go find inspiration and to find tools to follow you along in your creative journey.